About Us

With a number of new comers penetrating the market, we have maintained a standard position for our site with best in class services that we offer to our endeared customers. With our years of experience in the field of online gambling and our expertise knowledge, which we have acquired over these years, we always concentrate on the betterment of our services. We are proud to re-iterate the fact that we are the best and the most preferred choice among most of the gamblers from across the world.

We not only satisfy all the requirements that is expected out of an online gambling site but we do outperform and actually delightful experience to our players. Our main USP has been and still continues to be our generous and transparent bonus and promotional offers along with a noteworthy customer support service. We understand that the customer is the king in any type of business for that matter and we strive by all means to satisfy, delight and retain them with us forever. We offer a 100% welcome bonus on the first deposit and later on for each deposit the player makes we provide them with a 10% reload bonus.

We also roll out various promotional offers from time to time to keep our players interested and ever-willing to play with us. We do understand our customers feeling that they go through after they face some unavoidable and unexpected losses and we share their grief and support them by giving them cash-back offers. This works out to be 15% of the total losses that a player has incurred during the month. Though being a meager amount while calculated monetarily, the moral support and the concern offer our players is indeed priceless.


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