pg电子赏金船长九个船长:Zhang Chi, the Department of Economics, Awarded "The Most Active Teacher" of Online Courses

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March25, 2020  By The Department Of Economics

Under the joint efforts of teachers and students,the online courses of the Department of Economics ran smoothly in the new semester.The progress of courses was not delayed despite the outbreak of the Covid-19. The work bulletin of the Academic Affairs Office in the first four weeks indicated that the teachers and students of the Department of Economics were among the best in both the utilization of teaching resources and online interaction.In the third week, Associate Professor Zhang Chi was awarded"the Most Active Teacher "of the CUPL's online courses.

Before the opening of the semester, the teachers of the Department of Economics have discussed the technical details about various live broadcasting and recording platforms through WeChat and Tencent Meeting, which enabled everyone to dispel doubts quickly, accept new technology actively and commit to preparing for the online courses.

According to the statistics of Superstar data by the Academic Affairs Office in the third week, Assoc. Prof. Zhang Chi ranked the first in the "the most active teacher with Superstar" in CUPL.In the online courses,she interacts actively with students and receives high praise. Due to the fact that Assoc. Prof. Zhang Chi holds four undergraduate courses in this semester, she rearranged the PPT of all the courses and made in-depth study on various tools such as Superstar and OBS in order to ensure the effectiveness of the online courses. As a result, she often stayed up late to consult technical engineers for details. While talking about the online courses,Assoc. Prof. Zhang Chi sighed with emotion: "I did not expect that an outbreak would speed me up from the Stone Age to ' the space age' in 15 days. And I didn't even think 4G mobile phones could out of date!".

In the spring term of 2020, the Department of Economics offered more than 20 online courses, covering a wide range of undergraduate, master's and doctoral online courses. Each teacher undertook 1-4 online courses and carried out live broadcasting and recording through WeChat, Superstar and other platforms, as well as interactive activities such as signing in, voting and answering questions. The form of aforementioned online courses had an excellent effect on the students' learning. The statistics of "Superstar" suggested that the login rate of Economics Majors also ranked among the best in the whole university.

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