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On July 14th, 2019, the 1st International Conference on Forensic Accounting, hosted by the business school of China University Political Science and Law (CUPL), was successfully held in Beijing. With the theme of "forensic accounting, and anti-fraud and anti-economic crime", the conference contributes to promote the international communication of forensic accounting, improve the level of forensic accounting theory and practice, and promote the construction of forensic accounting and talent cultivation.

More than 80 experts and scholars attended this conference. They come from overseas and domestic famous universities (including Curtin University in Australia, Taiwan National Chengchi University, National Taipei University of Business, Yuan Ze University, Macau University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, University of International Business and Economics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, Shenyang Institute of Architecture, Fujian Police College, etc.) and academic associations (including Accounting Society of China, Global Chinese Accounting Association, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners of Taiwan Chapter, Fujian Association for the promotion of forensic accounting, etc.), magazine office (i.e. Friends of Accounting magazine), accounting firms (including Tianzhenghua, Tianyuanquan, Zhongruicheng, Zhongshou, Guangshen, etc.) government department (including public security, procuratorate etc.). The conference was also live broadcasted on, attracting nearly 173,000 people around the world watching it online.

(group photo of participants)


Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Professor Wenzhe Gang, who is deputy secretary of CPC and secretary of the discipline inspection commission of the CUPL. Professor Jipeng Liu who is dean of business school of the CUPL, Professor Rongsheng Qin who is party secretary and dean of Beijing National Accounting Institute, Professor Xinmin Zhang who is vice President of University of International Business and Economics, and Professor Shouhua Zhou who is executive vice secretary of Chinese Accounting Association attended and addressed on the opening ceremony.

On the opening ceremony, Professor Jipeng Liu, who is dean of the business school of the CUPL, gave a welcome speech to the experts and scholars attending the conference. He said that forensic accounting is playing a more and more important role in anti-fraud and anti-economic crime fight in China. This international conference on forensic accounting was held at the right time, which will greatly promote the development of forensic accounting theory and practice. Afterwards, Professor Rongsheng Qin, who is secretary of the party committee and President of the national accounting institute of Beijing, addressed on the conference. He believed that forensic accounting is a discipline that should be highly valued, and wished that the conference could promote the development of forensic accounting and promote forensic accounting to serve for social development. Professor Xinmin Zhang, vice President of the University of International Business and Economics, congratulated on the opening of the conference. From the perspective of the development of business schools, he proposed that the development of forensic accounting is crucial to the construction of business schools of the CUPL, which requires to input more teaching faculties and other resources. Professor Shouhua Zhou, executive deputy secretary general of Chinese Accounting Society, said that the majority of experts and scholars need to strengthen the in-depth study of forensic accounting in the new historical period. The conference has great significance to promote the development of forensic accounting.

(Speech by Professor Jipeng Liu)

(Speech by Professor Rongsheng Qin)

(Speech by Professor Xinmin Zhang)

(Speech by Professor Shouhua Zhou)


Keynote Speech

Eight experts in the field of forensic accounting were invited to deliver keynote speeches. The keynote speech was hosted by professor Zhijun Lin, who is vice President of Macau University of Science and Technology, and Xue Xiao, who is editor-in-chief of Friends of Accounting magazine.

(Professor Zhijun Lin delivered the keynote speech)

(Xue Xiao, the chief editor, presided over the keynote speech)


Professor Dingwang Zheng, former President of National Chengchi University, shared a report entitled "financial instruments with equity characteristics", which distinguished IASB and IAS32 rules on the division of financial instruments with both equity and liability characteristics.

Professor Saurav Dutta, dean of school of accounting from Curtin University in Australia, shared the report entitled Bridging the gap between accounting and law. He introduced a series of corporate financial fraud cases, analyzed and expounded the economic consequences of financial fraud, and proposed that forensic accounting is the bridge between accounting and law.

Professor Ying Han Fan, president of the Global Chinese Accounting Association and senior lecturer of Curtin university in Australia, shared the report entitled "forensic accounting and professional ethics". She summarized the main research problems and methods of forensic accounting and shared her research achievements in forensic accounting and professional ethics.

Sutong Zhang a professor of the Business School of the CUPL, shared the report entitled "two decades of forensic accounting in mainland China: a review and outlook". He summarized and reviewed academic papers and works published, the development of the academic communication activities, and the status of practices of legal accounting and judicial accounting expert opinion in application of litigation activities from "Big Four" international accounting firms and domestic accounting firms. He further analyzed the reasons for the emergence and development of accounting in China, and discussed the future development of forensic accounting.

(Keynote speech by professor Dingwang Zheng)

(Keynote speech by the professor Dutta)

(Keynote speech by professor Yinghan Fan)

(Keynote speech by professor Sutong Zhang) 

Xiuru Ma, a professor from National Chengchi University, shared a report entitled “the use of equity financial instruments: a cross-strait case”. She analyzed and discussed the accounting treatment of equity financial instruments and its economic consequences through the accounting treatment of special shares/preferred shares in the cases of Taiwan high-speed railway and Xiaomi respectively.

Renhua Li, a professor from the school of accounting at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, shared the report entitled "international experience in accounting accreditation and research on professional development". He introduced the international experience and development trend of accounting appraisal, summarized the current situation of accounting appraisal in China, and proposed some suggestions on the professional development of accounting appraisal.

Ms. Xinxia Hou, from Procuratorial judicial accounting information technology research center of the supreme people's procuratorate of ministry, shared the topic “judicial accounting in the role of criminal execution inspection office tour activity report”. Combined with judicial practice, she pointed out that integrating procuratorial technology and criminal execution procuratorial special activities can be beneficial for exerting the actual effect of legal supervision.

Ms. Lixiu Chen, secretary general of the Taiwan association for fraud prevention and supervision, shared a report on “the practical application of forensic accounting in Taiwan's judicial practice -- a case of misappropriation of funds”. She introduced the function and service types of forensic accounting in Taiwan judicial practice and focused on the role of forensic accounting in a case of fund misappropriation.

(Keynote speech by professor Xiuru Ma)

(Keynote speech by professor Xinxia Hou)

(Keynote speech by professor Renhua Li)

(Keynote speech by professor Lixiu Chen)


Sub-session report discussion

The conference contained 28 papers, covering the fields of forensic accounting identification, financial fraud, accounting legal system construction, and forensic accounting personnel cultivation. The papers are divided into four groups and discussed in two sessions. The conference invited Mr. Chunyu Li who is senior partner of Beijing Tianyuan accounting firm, Professor Xingjin Xiao who is vice President of National Taipei University of Business, Mr. Shao-xiong Tan who is president of Fujian provincial association for the promotion of forensic accounting, and Professor Yangruo Wang of Taiwan National Chengchi University to preside over the sub-session reports. After every speaker's speech, a forensic accounting expert would comment on each paper, and then the participants will communicated and discussed with each other. 

(Sub-session report)

(Comments by guests)

Conference summary and closing ceremony

The conclusion and closing ceremony of the conference was presided over by Shizhong Yang, former Vice President of Capital University of Economics and Business and special professor of the CUPL.

(Professor Shizhong Yang presided over the closing ceremony)

The moderators of each sub-session made a summary report. They spoke highly of the papers presented on the conference, pointing out that these papers are rich in subject matter, novel in content, and combine theory with practice, which is very enlightening to the theoretical research and practical development of forensic accounting.

(Mr. Chunyu Li 's summary report)

(Professor Xingjin Xiao's summary report)

(Mr. Shaoxiong Tan 's summary report) 

(Professor Yanruo Wang 's summary report)

Professor Sutong Zhang from the Business School of the CUPL concluded his speech by congratulating the co-organizers, guests and staff of the seminar, and gave a poem from him:

“An academic feast, two days of deep learning exchanges, the three lives were fortunate to meet new friends, the four families gathered in Shunyi, colorful sparks collided, and they fought together in six directions. The enthusiasm was like fire in Septermber, and the guests from eight directions gathered for a long time. Unforgettable reunion scene, Shenyang reunited again in October.”

Like-minded companions will not consider the road as hard. This international conference of forensic accounting not only showed many excellent academic research results in forensic accounting disciplines, but also enhanced the communications between domestic and foreign forensic accounting experts and scholars, and created conditions for the vigorous development of the forensic accounting discipline. 


Article/ Ziyue Guo, Ding He

Photography/Golden Rule





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