pg电子赏金船长九个船长:Better academic performance during covid-19 pandemic-The pre-defense (online) for the thesis of the master’s degree in the Department of Industrial Economics was successfully completed

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In the afternoon of March 11, 2020,Department of Industrial Economics of the Business School held an online thesis pre-defense for master students who is going to graduate in June. Professor Zhang Wei,head of the Department of Industrial Economics, Professor Deng Da, head of the Department of Economics and other teachers from the Department of Industrial Economics attended this meeting.

Since the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic, faculties and students of Department of Industrial Economics have carried out decisions made by Business School and the CUPL, and been in accordance with the requirement that study continues during school suspension and prevention and control covid-19 is responsibility. To insure no one is affected by the epidemic, all students must not return to school now. At the same time, teachers and students of Department of Industrial Economics put higher requirements for the quality of graduation thesis, and they have to overcome all difficulties in special times. Students devote themselves to the writing of graduation thesis, so as to ensure that they graduate successfully and get a good job.

Using online conference, teachers pointed out the problems for graduate students who were unable to return to school for thesis writing due to the impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. They discussed the problems together with students to ensure they can pass the final thesis defense.

Ten minutes before the start of the defense, the teachers of the defense committee and the graduate students participating in the defense were in place. The teachers learnt the life and study of the students during the epidemic, and encouraged the graduate students to keep studying in the epidemic, and successfully complete their last study stage. Subsequently, four graduate students made pre-defenses for the thesis in order. After a brief introduction, each student gave a 10 minutes presentation. After accepting the guidance of the supervisor, the students' thesis has a clear research direction, so during the pre-defense process, each student mainly introduced the innovations and empirical research in detail, and explained their own the problems existing in the research.

The teachers proposed relevant and detailed suggestions to the graduate students' theses from the aspects of the thesis standardization, use of academic words, structure, data collection, feature selection, and research perspectives, which served as a good basis for the revision of theses. The teachers concluded that, as we are getting closer and closer to graduation, students need to allocate time reasonably, share the progress of the writing with their supervisors in time, deeply analyse the problems and made conclusions in the thesis carefully, and submit a perfect answer sheet for graduation.

Through pre-defense, the Department of Industry and Economics successfully learnt the progress of thesis writing, and laid a good foundation for the graduation. At the same time, the teachers spoke highly of the event and thought that the online pre-defense effect was surprisingly good, and it was an effective way in the special period of the epidemic. Everyone agrees that it is possible to further contribute to the Business School's philosophy "one major, two wings, integration and innovation", and contribute to discipline construction through various efficient and modern methods.

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