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pg电子赏金船长九个船长:17th. Camphor Economics Circle Seminar

2020-03-27  Clicks:

The 17th. Camphor Economics Circle (CEC) Seminar was held in Business School at China University of Political Science and Law. Many scholars from top universities in China (such as Peking University, Remin University of China, Sichuan University, Beihang University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Central University of Finance and Economics, etc.) and some top academic journals attended the seminar. This seminar was hosted by the Department of Management of Legal Entity of the Business School.

Professor Jipeng Liu, the dean of the Business School attended the seminar and gave a speech. He first appreciated participants for attending the seminar and supporting the development of the Business School of CUPL. Moreover, he pointed out that the mission of the construction of the Business School is highly consistent with the recent development of economics. In an economic transition era, the academia needs the organizations such as CEC to contribute their thoughts and works for growing economic research.

There were ten economic working papers presented in the seminar, the papers covered the fields on political economics, institutional economics, theoretical economics, industrial economics as well as economics of law. Participants deeply discussed the papers in terms of research topics, modelling, data processing, econometric methods as well as empirical analysis. Many viewpoints were raised during discussion and communication, all participants considered that this seminar brought them plentiful insights for them in the future research.